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About Us

Mama’s House in Alibaug welcomes you in a place that combines simplicity with beauty and make your stay in our home a truly unforgettable experience. Mama’s House provides new standards of luxury accommodation on its guests and is one of the most prestigious home stay in Alibaug. Find yourself with your friends or your family in a beautiful home in the heart of the Nature. Mama’s House is located minutes away from the centre of the magnificent city of Alibaug, a vibrant place full of life and excitement.

Mama’s House is new warm and peaceful premises can accommodate, in the finest way, all different types of visitors that land in the famous Jetty of Mandwa. Families with children found themselves in the Garden area, friends enjoying soft drinks and beverages in the Gustoo’s cafe, romantic couples that enjoy the sunrise in the balcony of the elegant Suite. Even if business is the reason of your visit then our conference room will really please your guests with your choice.

Mama’s House perfectly trained staff will be by your side during your stay ready to take care of you and all that you might need in order to turn your stay in an unforgettable experience that you will want to share with everyone. Upon arriving in Mama’s House you are immediately stepped into a luxurious world.


One of the best luxury home stay in Alibaug. Mama’s house is the place that you have dreamed the most beautiful day of your life…or your honeymoon stay as Mama’s House it is considered among the most beautiful place in Alibaug.

Mama’s House is located 3 kilometers from the centre of Alibaug City and 1 kilometer from Varsoli beach, 10 kilometers from the beach of Nagaon, 08 kilometers from Akshi Beach & Kashid Beach is just 31 kilometers from Mama’s House.

  • Tariff


1. We Try to sell the place as Group bookings place only therefore
We Charge a minimum of 84000 for 2 nights stay including meals and stay for 8 Adults and 4 Kids this includes first floor 4 Rooms each additional person will attract 3500 per person per Night including meal and Stay in this case each room will be released on triple occupancy and additional Room's will be provided if required. 

2. On Regular weekdays minimum of 6 people are required to book the place on sharing basis of 25k for 3 standard Rooms. 

Each additional person will attract 3500 per Night that will include meal and stay in the above plans

3. If no food is required 40000 for 16 people only stay for a villa for one night on weekends minimum 2 nights stay compulsory.

Below Rate Valid only 5 days before Arrival date

1. 6000 for Standard room on double occupancy including breakfast and stay.
2.10000 for 1BHK suite on double occupancy including breakfast and stay.

3 .12000 for 2BHK Suite on quadruple Occupancy including breakfast and stay.

Each additional person will attract 2500 including breakfast and stay.

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