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Alibaug was developed in the 17th century by Sarkhel Kanhoji Aangre the naval chief of King Shivaji's Kingdom. Alibaug is a coastal town and municipal council in Raigad district in Konkan region of Maharashtra, India. It is the headquarters of the Raigad district. Raigad's first name was "Kulaba". Today's Ramnath was the main village at that time. A Bene Israelite named Ali used to live there at that time. He was a rich man and owned many plantations of mangoes and coconuts in his gardens. Hence the locals used to call the place "Alichi Bagh"(Marathi for "Gardens of Ali"), or simply "Alibaug", and the name stuck.

During those times there were some naval battles out of which one was fought at Varsoli between Kanhoji Aangre and Siddi of Janjira in the year 1706. In 1722 English and Portuguese jointly attacked on Kulaba fort and they lost this war. At Chaul there was a battle between the English and Sakhoji in 1730. Sakhoji won this war and brought down the losing party along with their captain at Kulaba. Kanhoji even issued his own currency in the form of a silver coin called the Alibaugi rupaiya.

Alibaugh falls under Raigad district in the Konkan region of Maharashtra, a picturesque coastal town with placid and pristine beaches flushed with warm and soothing Sun. It's a fantastic weekend gateway that you would love to grab when in Mumbai.

Tourism is the mainstay of Alibaug, however, there are quite a few industrial units too, adding affluence to this coastal town. Industries like Rashtriya Chemicals and Fertilizers, Ispat Industries (Mittal Group), Vikram Ispat (Birla Group) and Gas Authority Of India Limited have created a better standard of living for Alibaug

Sleepy hamlets, sunsets on the beach, local cuisine, all from the comfort of your very own home away from home. Sounds idyllic, some distant destination, well think again, paradise is just a hop, skip and short boat ride away from Mumbai, India's premier metropolis, and we provide the perfect residential solution.

These are no ordinary properties. We take special pains to carefully develop our properties for their special qualities. Charming yet modern, these hand picked sites are a coherent blend of form and functionality.

There are hotels and guest houses in the area designed to suit every need and budget, but if you are looking for that all enveloping, once in a lifetime experience, then why not choose a boutique residence in order to immerse yourself in the ethnicity and culture of your surroundings, without compromising on the amenities that you expect when on vacation.

Each property is a home, a home that has been built with the care and attention of owners who unconsciously but indelibly imprint it with the stamp of their own personalities. These individual characteristics insure that no two properties are the same. The only commonality between any of them is that they meet our own exacting criteria, and where necessary have been upgraded to make your stay as comfortable and memorable as possible

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